Alison Pratt, LDA

Legal Document Assistance
Lic. #2011002


 Divorce-Custody-Visitation-Mediation-Child Support-Parenting Plans- Guardianships-Conservatorships-Living Trusts-Power of Attorney-Business Contracts

I provide quality, affordable legal documentation and administrative assistance.  I work with Pro-Per litigants (parties representing themselves) in family court cases, family law & probate attorneys, entrepreneurs, and general business entities.*  My education focused on conflict resolution, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork.     

The process of divorce is never easy.  If there are children involved, custody and visitation issues sometime compound the turmoil.  For children, an effective, child-focused parenting plan is the greatest gift you can offer them during this time.  Further, negotiating asset and debt division is stressful too.   Private mediation helps parties come to their own agreement rather than leaving it up to a court-assigned employee or a judge.  In addition, avoiding costly and unnecessary litigation is always beneficial. 

My Divorce, Guardianship, and Parenting Plan Questionnaires can be securely filled out online and submitted to me at your convenience. For fees, visit the Packages/Rates page.  Contact me at, or the numbers below.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

 *Note: I am not a licensed attorney nor do I give legal advice. I can refer clients to attorneys.



IMPORTANT: For your protection, I discourage any potential clients from giving personal information over the phone.  A licensed and bonded LDA will have a safe, secure way to remit personal information about your issues or case. 




                           Background & Education

    My Bachelor's  in Management focused on...

Collaborative Teamwork

Conflict Resolution

Emotional Intelligence
Critical Thinking and Decision-Making


Effective Communication

Transformational Leadership

Cultural Diversity 

                                             Organizational Psychology

          In addition to my Bachelor's degree, I have completed coursework in:  


  • Family Law
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Sociology of Molestation and Rape
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Business Law
  • Finance
  • Accounting



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Resources, Affiliates, Continuing Training and Education.

August 2017 - CoreTSolutions and Alison Pratt, LDA attended 2 day training from  D.O.J. Office on Violence Against Women, Supervised Visitation Immersion Training, sponsored by the CA Superior Court of Fresno - Promoting interactive, supportive supervised visitation and effective practices.

Affiliate CoreTSolutions, LLC {Heather Tackitt, owner} and Alison Pratt, LDA completed training on "The Ripple Effects of Partner Violence." Sponsored by Fresno Superior Court, Central CA Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution and the Marjoree Mason Center.

Resources: Marjoree Mason Center 24 Hour Hotline: 559-233-HELP.

Sept. 15, 2016 CoreTSolutions, LLC and Alison Pratt, LDA attended:

Community Solutions to Prescription Opioid Misuse

"Despite the utility of opioids for some pain treatment, the hemorrhaging of prescription opioids from therapeutic use to nontherapeutic use has become a public health nightmare. Join Dr. H. Westley Clark, executive professor of Public Health at Santa Clara University and former Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, to learn more about the use and misuse of opioids." Offered by UC Berkeley Extension San Francisco Campus

 Reliance Drug Testing:  

For Court-Ordered Drug Testing, you must first register with: -

Phone:  559-400-5425 -or-  visit